A downloadable game for Windows

Intended to be played with mouse and Keyboard!
WASD - Move
Mouse - look around
Left mouse button - Pick things up
Esc - Menu 
Enter - shortcut for restart

is a Remix of BBC's The Antiques Roadshow Theme Music that I found on Soundcloud  from the user Landawg



are partially self made and from freesound.org

inspectorj - destruction wooden a
cgeffex - piano crash
rsvenne - the more you know
felix.blume - Impact on a piano slowed down

Extra Info

This game was created in the course of the  void Start() { Play( GameJam();. There were 4 Themes with associated quotes to choose from:

Creation(); Does the world exist if I am not watching it? _Parallel II, Harun Farocki
Exploration(); A stirring narrative in any medium can be experienced as a virtual reality because our brains are programmed to tune into stories with an intensity that can obliterate the world around us. _Hamlet on the Holodeck, Janet Murray
Conflict(); “Mr. McLuhan, is television the ultimate medium, or is there worse to come?” “You have heard about the hologram?” _question by the audience, ABC TV, 1977
Escape(); Once you learn the maze or see the labyrinth whole, then, elaborate chaos is transformed into pattern. _The Idea of the Labyrinth, Penelope Reed Doob
Deconstruction();  :(){ :|:& };:  _wikipedia.org/wiki/Forkbomb

My choice was Deconstruction();

You are a compulsive hoarderer and overselpt, now you have to get through your own habits for an important meeting.

Install instructions

Just extract the folder where ever you like and start HoarderRace.exe


HoarderRace.zip 63 MB


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This was super fun to play. I'd really like more of this. Music was really fast and fitted the game play really well. The game ran very smoothly without any problems with really nice graphics. A great game. GIMME MORE !!!  :)


Thanks :D

I wasn't expecting someone doing a let's play so soon of it

Maybe I get some more motivation to continue this later, but for now it'll stay the simple little game that it is ;)